Eiffel Tower

Neeley and I stopped by the Eiffel tower today.  On the grass in front two men making huge bubbles, much to the enjoyment of the children who were running around screaming and enjoying the bubbles much more than the towering steel building.

We stopped, took part in the festivities, and then continued on to trek up just over 600 stairs to the second level of the tower.  They had stopped people going to the third and top level due to congestion issues, so we will have to wait until our next visit in a couple weeks to try to make it to the actual top.

Jet Lag in Paris

Neeley and I arrived today in Paris yesterday.  Neeley was able to sleep longer on the plane ride, while I was able to only partake in a brief nap.  To combat the jet lag, we went out in the afternoon to stay awake and look for pictures. Things are quiet here due to many locals away on summer vacation, very odd to see Paris quiet. More tomorrow after we manage to stay awake past 8pm.

World Cup – Brazil

Back in 2006 I visited Rio de Janiero for work, and was able to take a few days off to take pictures.  As I watch some of the world cup games, I remember the food and the people while there.  Hope to go back some day.


London and Paris Itinerary

With a few more days left to sign up, we’ve posted up our schedule for the London/Paris photography workshop.  Neeley, Keith, and I are looking forward to showing you these two amazing cities.  Our workshop is designed to combine the best of a travel workshop with a photography class.  The itinerary is the start, that we can modify to the participants tastes, while keeping with the desire of the instructors to show you these two cities in a new light.  Our goal is to help you improve your photography so that when you return home , you’ll have new skills and improved skills, and the photos to show for it.

Take a look at the schedule HERE on Neeley’s Blog.

London (& Paris) Photo Workshop

Quick note that I’m running a two week photography workshop with Neeley and Keith Lee at the end of August in London (9 days) and Paris (5 days).    It’ll be a fun two weeks of street photography, and experiencing culture in the area, with goals that include:

  • Be more comfortable photographing people.
  • Understand how to use light during all times of the day to create beautiful photographs.
  • Learn to frame and compose artistically from seemingly chaotic urban scenes.
  • Experience and gain inspiration in two of the world’s greatest cities.
  • Beginners will become better acquainted with all of their camera’s functions and features, so they can focus on making beautiful images rather than stressing about the technology.
  • Advanced photographers will strengthen their skills through regular challenges presented to them by the instructors.
  • Return home with photographs that go far beyond the usual postcard shots.

Would love to have people of all experience levels join us, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Full information about the workshop, click here