Asia and Singapore Pictures

Last year I traveled to southeast Asia for work for three months. I was based in Singapore. I took my camera and snapped pictures in the places I spent time at. This was a bit different then my normal travel photography, in that I wasn’t on vacation, but working. This allowed me more time to shoot, but less concentrated time.

Please take a look at the pictures.

Boat Quay at Night

Singapore and other Asia travels

I just got back from a three month work stint in Asia. I was based in Singapore, but travelled around the area a bit and got to see China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Korea. Some for a short time, some for a longer time.

All of this time was spent living in hotel rooms and carting around luggage. Unfortunately I had to do work during this period also, so it wasn’t three months of vacation. Lots of good food, and an overall good experience.

I did manage to take pictures during my free time, and I’m sorting through them now. To whet the appetite, here’s a night shot from the Singapore flyer.

Singapore Flyer at Night